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Elements Of Piece – A Four Part Series by Coach Josh Staley – Part 2

ELEMENTS OF PIECE PART 2 – BY COACH JOSH STALEY Understanding & Respect As we reflect on part one of this series, I pray not just the athletes, but all people understand the importance of cognitive development and health within a performance based arena.  So “Acceptance” is the first step/stage of mental fortitude while trying to compete at a high level.  The next phase, which is directly connected to acceptance is understanding. Once you accept what’s going on in your life, Read more […]

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THREE HOLIDAY HEALTH TIPS Welcome to the 2018 holiday season!  This is a time to enjoy with friends and family.  This is a time for family get togethers, office work parties and reminiscing with old friends as they come back in town. This is a time for Christmas cookies, Gingerbread Men, Candy Canes, Cheesecake, Hot Chocolate and Eggnog! Unfortunately, all the festivities also presents an annual challenge for our health and fitness goals.   Don’t stress about that!  Read more […]

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Elements Of Piece – A Four Part Series by Coach Josh Staley – Part 1

ELEMENTS OF PIECE PART 1- BY COACH JOSH STALEY Acceptance In a society where we are constantly judged off the physical aspect of our appearance and well-being.  We can get lost and forget to remember how important mental prominence is for our young athletes.  To be as good as you can possibly be, you must have a stable hold of your cognitive space.  This article will be modified to assist the athlete in developing their mind towards a peaceful placement; part one will explore Acceptance, the Read more […]

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Doubt is Cancer: Mental Keys to High Achievement and Athletic Improvement

By: Luke Kurtz Doubt in an individual’s mind is the cancer that kills dreams and prevents individuals pursuing and achieving their ambitious goals. Dream big.  Starting quarterback.  All-State. College scholarship.  Professional career.  Go ahead and do it.  Set big scary goals! Now that you have permission to have mountain sized goals, let me share the secret sauce to even have a chance to achieve that goal.  Don’t focus on the goal that inevitably compares your ability to your Read more […]

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