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3 Smart Questions Every Parent Should Ask A Strength Coach

QUESTIONS EVERY PARENT SHOULD ASK THEIR CHILD’S STRENGTH COACH There’s no better breeding ground for being a success in life than sports and in the weight room.  All parent’s should make sure they find a coach that believes in not only training their child to be a better athlete, but also how to be a better person. At the youth (6-12 years old), and the high school level (13-18 years old) an athletic development program should be focused on the athlete learning the proper fundamental movement Read more […]

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Coach Andy Hallett Throughout my 20 years as a head coach, I have seen my share of talent come through with many different variables.  I have had 6’5” 220 all the way to 5’6” 140.  Over the years my rosters have been shaped by the hand that we are dealt in high school.  I refer to it as “stud poker”, he who bluffs best sometimes wins the hand. I believe that adapting to my roster from year to year has been one of the primary reasons we have been able to compete at such Read more […]

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Doubt is Cancer: Mental Keys to High Achievement and Athletic Improvement

By: Luke Kurtz Doubt in an individual’s mind is the cancer that kills dreams and prevents individuals pursuing and achieving their ambitious goals. Dream big.  Starting quarterback.  All-State. College scholarship.  Professional career.  Go ahead and do it.  Set big scary goals! Now that you have permission to have mountain sized goals, let me share the secret sauce to even have a chance to achieve that goal.  Don’t focus on the goal that inevitably compares your ability to your Read more […]

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Basketball: Tennis Ball Rebounding Drill

With Basketball season in full swing, I hope your team is playing well and improving every day. I wanted to send you one of my favorite basketball specific plyometric drills.  I love this drill because it incorporates hand eye coordination and explosive plyometric training.  It requires the athlete to work on a quick second jump which is so important for basketball players when they get an offensive rebound.  This is a great way for your athletes to continue to stay strong and explosive throughout Read more […]

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